2011-1 CSE regular seminar schedule

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2011 CSE Seminar Policies and Procedures [Down]

* Every Wednesday 15:30-16:30 (Bldg.2 room102)

•  2, Mar. (Wed.)         Prof.Won-Ki Hong (POSTECH)

•  9, Mar. (Wed.)         Dr. Goo Jun (U.of Michigan)
                                  “Learning with Spatially Varying Data”

•  16, Mar. (Wed.)       Currently connecting with LG

•  23, Mar. (Wed.)       Lars Arge (Aarhus Univ. Denmark)
                                  “I/O-efficient algorithms for processing massive terrain data”                        

•  30, Mar. (Wed.)       Prof. Jae-Gil Lee (KAIST)
                                  “Traffic Data Classification”

•  4,  Apr. (Wed.)        Dr. Jae Wook Lee (Parakinetics, Inc. / Princeton University)
                                  “Software Solutions to Hardware Problems in the Billion-Transistor Era”

•  13, Apr. (Wed.)       Prof. Lae Hyun Kim (KIST)
                                  “Haptic applications in medicine and industry”

•  13, Apr. (Wed.)       Prof. M. Jamal Deen (U.of McMaster)
                                  “The Role of Computer Scientists in u-Healthcare Research”

•  20, Apr. (Wed.)       Mid Term Exam

•  27, Apr. (Wed.)       Prof. JongWon Kim (GIST)   
                                  FIRST@PC:  A Service-oriented Future Internet Testbed

•  4, May (Wed.)         Prof. James Won-Ki Hong(POSTECH)
                                  “Smartphonomics: Convergence using Smart Phones and Devices for Growth”

•  11, May (Wed.)       Prof.Seong-Ho Jeong (HUFS)
                                  “Advanced Multimedia Systems and Applications”

•  18, May (Wed.)       Prof.Dongjun Kim (KAIST)

•  25, May (Wed.)       Prof.Minsu Kim (DGIST)

•  1, Jun. (Wed.)         Prof.Myeungsook yoh (POSTECH)

•  8, Jun. (Wed.)         Prof.Sungkil Lee (SKKU)
                                  “real-time rendering of lens effects”

•  15, Jun. (Wed.)       Final Exam